Florida Tile Time 2.0

Florida Tile is pleased to announce the launch of our cornerstone commercial product line Time/2.0. Aptly named, Time/2.0 is the latest generation of Florida Tile manufacturing technology. Utilizing the latest processes in double loaded porcelain manufacturing, Time/2.0 delivers a highly durable commercial grade Through Body Floor and Wall surface. Different from traditional marble veining or the “salt and pepper” double loaded looks, Time/2.0 is a contemporary evolution of what today’s specifications require. The extensive color palette consists of 9 colors ranging from a Snow White to Deep Black. Each individual color is comprised of a solid body pigment that sets the overall tone of each tile. The smooth rich body is then decorated with slightly contrasting shades, created by individual granules of color that vary in dimension depth, thickness and pattern. These granules create a unique tone-on-tone effect unlike any other tile in the market. The beauty of the line comes from this simple play on color that on the surface seems simple, but in reality is a complex balance of shade tone and texture. Consistent with the current trend of earthy neutral colors, Time/2.0 is destined to be a staple in any design library. Available in 12x12, 6x24, 12x24, and 24x24 in 3 finishes natural, polished and textured, all rectified. Trims include polished and natural bullnose in 3x12, as well as cove base and corners. Decorative mosaics are also available in he standard M12 and well as a new 12x24 RSP that combines both colors and textures to create 3 exceptional designs. Time/2.0 is Porcelain Tile and Greenguard certified and suitable for all commercial and residential floor wall and countertop applications.

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